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Synonyms for pleasure

Synonyms for pleasure

a feeling of extreme gratification aroused by something good or desired

the condition of responding pleasurably to something

a desire for a particular thing or activity

unrestricted freedom to choose

to give great or keen pleasure to

to feel or take joy or pleasure

Synonyms for pleasure

a fundamental feeling that is hard to define but that people desire to experience

something or someone that provides a source of happiness


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a formal expression

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an activity that affords enjoyment

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sexual gratification

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It is precisely because Plato wishes for us to strive to become as like god as possible in these regards, and because he recognizes that the processes of our assimilation are pleasureful, that he includes pleasure as a constituent of the best human life.
As I maintain in the conclusion of this paper, Plato is committed to the view that humans are, by nature, motivated by pleasure, and, further, cannot avoid undergoing pleasureful restitutive processes such as being heated and cooled; in that case, while he might allow that certain deviant or ignorant humans might choose the ahedonic life, they certainly could not live it.
Enjoy such pleasureful combinations as daffodils between the plants in a strawberry bed or grape hyacinths put down in the gaps in a vinca bed.