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a portable enclosure in which babies may be left to play


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The Play Pen Tent Cover will be easy to implement and begin using on virtually any model of play pen, and will be removed partially or completely in effortless fashion if necessary.
The fireman located the child in a play pen and handed him to Lieutenant Wilson, who took the baby to safety.
The baby in the play pen is constantly reaching for things both inside the pen (box) and outside the pen (box).
I can't leave him alone - I've had to buy a play pen so he doesn't get into mischief," The Sun quoted Mary as saying.
As adults dug into kebabs, children made the most of the inflatable play pen area.
Invite dog-friendly people and other dogs to visit, putting up a puppy play pen in a busy area of your home where she can be exposed to everyday life.
Phyl sets up the play pen - not for the kids, but for her and her typewriter.
For further information about the festival: Collective also play Pen Fest at Penmaenmawr Golf Club on August 14 and are about to release their first CD.
The Somerset man threw his Fisher Prices out of the play pen in the first innings when he didn't fancy the conditions but was superb in the second to finish with nine wickets in the match.
Play Pen, 2000, depicts a woman who is all forward, pointing toward the viewer with her whole body as she sits back in a throne, her mask accessorized by the animal skin wrapped around her neck like a crude stole, while another hooded woman sirs clutching one breast at the foot of the chair.
In the "old" pre-walker days, these children were put into play pens. A play pen is an invitation to stay in one place and spend a long time studying and examining a few things in the immediate environment.
As well as having a play pen for man's best friend to socialise in, there's also the opportunity to have doggie birthday parties.
A play pen, CENRO said, will also be set up every weekend for children a place where they can safely run, play, and bike.
" The site, which has already amassed a large number of fans, has a 'play pen' lined with artificial grass and has toys and water for its canine customers.
They are currently third in Division One, three points off top spot with a game in hand, they play Pen y Bont at home in the Welsh Cup on November 5 and on Tuesday this week they made the semi-finals of the Nathaniel MG Cup (which is the Welsh Premier League Cup) after putting on the style at Jenner Park by defeating Haverfordwest County 7-1.