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a school established by Plato in ancient Athens

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Where Heidegger spent most of his life in solipsistic engagement with texts and with being (apart from his one failed attempt to actualize Plato's Academy), Arendt, by contrast, was driven both by life and personality to confront and examine herself--as human being, intellectual, Jew--and the world she lived in (see especially chapters 3-4 on Rahel Vamhagen, Origins of Totalitarianism).
We need to see more of the texts from the writers above in our curricula in "Plato's Academy."
While Sloterdijk emphasizes Plato's Academy, one could also investigate, as Hadot does briefly, (48) the construction of other philosophical institutions, such as those of Aristotle (the Lyceum), Epicurus (the Garden), and Zeno (the Stoa), each places of practice that lasted for centuries.
But hardly had they met, when the latter is killed in Thomas's presence, barely managing to utter these mysterious final words: "The Three Graces." Together with Vittoria Pitti, Pietro's friend, Thomas gradually enters the universe of magical symbols of Florence high society, by participating in the meetings of Plato's Academy at Ficino's mansion.
Lant Pritchett, an education expert at Harvard, notes that schooling has increased much more in the last 60 years than it did in all the centuries from Plato's Academy until 1950.
Plato's Academy and polis are not the democratic ideal most service-learning practitioners envision, and therefore, his philosophy is all too often overlooked.
Its formal end resembled its beginning, in that it came by offical decree - that of emperor Justinian (around 500 A.D.), who also put an end to other institutions that sustained ancient culture, such as Plato's Academy and the Olympic Games.
"It was like Plato's academy in Black," Gates says of that period when the entire faculty would sit in on the graduate-level seminars offered to their doctoral students, sparring intellectually with each other that the graduate students sometimes couldn't get a word in.
The winning piece, Apodemy, is a short experimental film on theme of emigration, created for an art installation in Athens in a park called Plato's Academy where it is believed the philosopher taught his students.
The winning piece, Apodemy, is a short experimental film on the theme of emigration, created for an art installation in the Greek capital Athens in a park called Plato's Academy, where the philosopher is believed to have taught his students.