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a heavy precious metallic element

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Coluccia et al reported that platinum compound of acyclovir (antiviral drug) had anticancer properties, and had broader and stronger effect than acyclovir and had the same effect as cisplatin among anticancer properties (32).
Washington, December 31 (ANI): Scientists at a leading European medical university have found out why chemotherapy using cisplatin often lead to hearing problems, but a treatment with oxaliplatin rarely does, despite both drugs being platinum compounds.
Two recent meta-analyses have shown a small but significant survival benefit for doublets of gemcitabine with either platinum compounds or capecitabine.
Satraplatin is a member of the platinum family of compounds, but unlike platinum compounds currently on the market, satraplatin is orally administered.
In his thesis work, Bartlett had noticed that many reactions in which platinum or platinum compounds had been fluorinated yielded a sublimable, red solid.
Platinum compounds generally exhibit less variation, yet their lower scrap rates and faster cure reduce the cost per finished part.
The R&D program to be continued by Georgetown has resulted in the synthesis of a new class of third-generation platinum compounds for the possible treatment of cancer.
Recently, hypersensitivity to platinum compounds has been recognized as a potential issue for patients being administered these compounds.