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a synthetic material resembling clay but remaining soft

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Once there is a final-size drawing, the Plasticine comes out.
The caterpillars were checked regularly for marks with the shape of the indentations in the plasticine helping researchers determine whether they had been attacked by insects or birds.
The Goldenburg plasticine city miniature is about 2 square meters.
After the presentations, each student chose a profession he or she would like to model from plasticine clay.
If you've been collecting all week with the Daily Mirror then complete your set today with these free Plasticine Animal Cutters - they're brilliant accessories that will definitely help your child's Plasticine come to life.
YOUR little ones can have hours of creative fun with our fantastic FREE Plasticine giveaway.
Artificial eggs placed in artificial nests also have been used to identify predators (via tooth or beak marks left on wax or plasticine eggs; Pasitschniak-Arts and Messier, 1995; Major and Kendall, 1996).
London, Oct 28 (ANI): Sugru - a sort of magic plasticine - is being hailed as the universal emergency fix for anything broken around the house - from a leaking tap to a broken shelf.
Whether some of the more unusual designs - such as Top Gear presenter James May's Plasticine garden, which does not contain a single plant - will win official approval remains to be seen.
The 30th birthday of which plasticine character was celebrated with a photo shoot in Esquire magazine?
Creature Discomforts, which confronts public perceptions of disabled people, relationships and sex, is based on the plasticine characters created by Aardman Animations for its Creature Comforts series.
Build and furnish a doll's house, make odds and ends from empty matchboxes and use Plasticine for modelling.
Nick Park is best-known for his indomitable duo, Wallace and Gromit, but one of his three Oscars (to date) is for the 1989 short ``Creature Comforts,'' a comic gem in which man- on-the-street interviews were put into the mouths of a wry assortment of plasticine zoo animals.
But no one told us all that plasticine convenience comes at a price.
Move close and universal structure gives way to social particularity: Each of the grid's 396 rectangles is a found ad, and each ad is doctored by the application of a Plasticine prosthesis, most often involving a figure's hair.