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lighted up by or as by fire or flame

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In 1985, architect Michael Graves joined with Alessi to give the teakettle a postmodern twist with a design that featured a tiny red plastic bird on the kettle's spout.
The first thing E did when he got up every morning was fill the plastic bird feeder, then hang it back up in its fork in the tree where pigeons and sparrows would already be tumbling over each other, eager for their turn.
To keep birds from raiding sweet cherries and other fruits, cover trees with plastic bird netting or fabric row covers (available at most nurseries).
Ms Hodge's aide Bruce Clark accepted the plastic bird on her behalf.
Sorry to say, though, I think it IS too late to save this plastic bird of yours, Punky.
In addition, this high-impact plastic bird simply is fun to look at.
A few pebbles or stones can be placed in plastic bird baths to make them less slippery.
Instead, go outside and find the point of entry--often a loose board or a gap between wall and chimney-then tack up a piece of half-inch plastic bird netting, available at most hardware stores.
THERE were hoots of laughter when SNP staff mistook a plastic bird scarer for a real owl.
Featuring some avant-garde whistling and a plastic bird, it set the benchmark for all future UK entries.
NIdeal for youngsters who want to spend their limited pocket money on their mum are some jazzy, brightly- coloured plastic bird feeders, which can be attached to branches and twigs of trees to encourage our feathered friends.
Jazzy, brightly coloured plastic bird feeders can be attached to branches and twigs.
Punky' turned out to be a tiny plastic bird, closely resembling a psychotic Emperor penguin.
And why is Lockey attracted to his plastic bird, and, as we have had him for just over two years, is it possible to finger-tame him.