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Synonyms for plaintiff

one that makes a formal complaint, especially in court

Synonyms for plaintiff

a person who brings an action in a court of law

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An entire jury - complete with judge, plantiff, witnesses and audience -were held in custody in Abbeyleix when the entrance door to the room jammed shut.
Of equal concern to employers is the fact that the percentage of these charges decided in favor of the employee plantiff rose from 9% in 1985 to 19% in 1992, as shown in Figure 1.
568 (1969), the Supreme Court found that the plantiff was unable to prove that a transit district's anti-drug rule discriminated against Blacks or Hispanics.
based Foundation on Economic Trends, a plantiff in the court case, says he is happy with the Army's decision because the preparation of a formal environmental impact statement opens the project plans to comment by other federal agencies and by the public.
Normally, a big weakness of similar cases brought against major artists is that the plantiff is so obscure that the original work would not be known by the accused.
The lawsuit asked the courts to strike down the executive order, but Kollar-Kotelly's ruling provided only a partial victory for the plantiff.
Plantiff alleges negligence resulted in injury auto accident.
That relationship "culminated in joint enterprises for the purchase and sale of classic cars through the Plantiff and the sharing of expenses and profits.
Plantiff alleges breach of contract, trespass to chattel and destruction of personal property.