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Synonyms for plaintiff

one that makes a formal complaint, especially in court

Synonyms for plaintiff

a person who brings an action in a court of law

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In the case of public figures, malice must be proven, but in the case of private individuals, the plantiff need only show negligence.
Plantiff decided to go to the first-class bathroom because people were waiting to use the bathroom at the rear of the airplane.
Deen shot back at Jackson on Thursday, accusing the plantiff of being unqualified to lodge the complaints she made.
Plantiff alleges negligence resulted in injury auto accident.
Normally, a big weakness of similar cases brought against major artists is that the plantiff is so obscure that the original work would not be known by the accused.
Plantiff alleges breach of contract, trespass to chattel and destruction of personal property.
That relationship "culminated in joint enterprises for the purchase and sale of classic cars through the Plantiff and the sharing of expenses and profits.
653 million in general damages and found, the plantiff comparatively twenty-five percent at fault.
THE LAST PLANTIFF WHO accused Phil Herrington of fraud lost her case.
If you wish to serve as lead plantiff, you must move the Court no later than 60 days from March 29, 2000.
Plantiff alledges that Defendants'continued to disseminate false statements as late as Oct.
Within 60 days of this publication, any member of the proposed Class may move the court to serve as lead representative plantiff.
The plantiff, MMP, filed the action against Aaron claiming that Aaron infringed on Megadyne's patent involving Aaron's coated electrosurgical blade (Resistick(R)) and sought to enjoin Aaron from manufacturing and selling the product.
John Alford, a political science professor at Rice University who the state offered as an expert witness, dismissed those maps as not addressing the problem that the plantiffs claim exist.