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a wart occurring on the sole of the foot

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Plantar warts are one of the most common dermatological infections overall (1).
The person requiring Ant crude may appear to have a somewhat irritable nature and will often exhibit plantar warts, or warts that are hard, calloused and have a horny surface.
A separate prospective randomized trial reported that a triple combination of cantharidin, podophyllotoxin, and salicylic acid worked better than cryotherapy to remove plantar warts (J.
You are uncertain as to which remedy--liquid nitrogen or salicylic acid -is better for the treatment of plantar warts.
The illness profile consisted of four categories: aches and pains, coughs/flu, chronic diseases, and other (haemorrhoids, plantar warts, weight and appetite loss).
According to a recent study, 39 percent of women said they wear high heels every day, and 75 percent of those women say they experience regular shoe-related foot pain and suffer from bunions, arthritic big toes, calluses, hammertoes, and plantar warts.
Fanciullo has been dealing with plantar warts and pulled a quad muscle that has limited her practice over the past two weeks.
This method also works on stubborn plantar warts on bottom of feet.
A targetted heat treatment appears to alleviate bothersome and sometimes painful plantar warts, researchers from China have found.
Plantar warts Warts result due to growth of virus on the sole (plantar surface) of the foot.
They are basically plantar warts - warts on the soles of the feet that have been pushed into the skin surface by the weight of the body.
Human papilloma virus: "A double-stranded DNA virus of the genus Papillomavirus (species Human papillomavirus) that has numerous genotypes causing various human warts (as the common warts of the extremities, plantar warts, and genital warts) including some associated with the production of cervical cancer--called also HPV.
They're excluded from the community because of the condition of their skin and extremities--could be from melanoma, or ache, or plantar warts, or actual leprosy.
The line consists of Wartner Original for common and plantar warts and Wartner Plantar for stubborn wart plants.