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However, lack of correlation is largely determined by outlying values for a few species that showed quite high RGR values, but very low RGR responses: namely, Taraxacum and Plantago, as well as the grass Lolium.
In this paper, I examine the oviposition preferences, growth performance, and chemical defense of buckeyes found in sites that offer only Kickxia or Plantago as hosts.
Existen 14 especies con alto grado de extrativismo: Equisetum bogotense, Krameria lappacea, Muehlenbeckia volcanica, Perezia coerulescens, Senecio canescens, Senecio rhizomatus, Plantago majo y Gnaphalium lacteum; 36 especies (34.
Seed regeneration in a natural population of Plantago lanceolata L.
Seedlings of Anthoxanthum, Panicum, and Plantago were started from seeds of greenhouse-grown plants that were previously collected from the field.
For example, in Plantago major, [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 2 OMITTED] both maternal and grandmaternal nutrient environment affects the probability of germination, germination rate, and final spike biomass (Miao et al.
The genus Plantago from Plantaginaceae family appears to be a good model for comparative studies on the responses to salt stress and shows an intermediate degree of salt tolerance, growing at concentrations of up to 150mm NaCl [3,8] and could cumulatively remove considerable amounts of salt from the soil [21, 30].
The aim of the projects is to comprehensively characterize viral communities in plantago lanceolata.
Host plant(s): Althea rosea (3, 6, 7,11); Amaranthus viridis (6, 7); Conyza canadensis (11); Rumex acetosa (1, 2, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14); Plantago major (13, 14); Galinosoga perviflora (11); Parthenium hysterophorus (1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 14); Sonchus asper (3, 6, 7, 11); Tagetes minuta (12); Taxaracum officinale (6, 7) and Withiana somnifera (6, 7).
It is about 8 Poaceae which are quoted certain species frequently ingested: Hordeum murinum and Poa annua, 1 Typhacee Typha latifolia and 1 Cyperacees Scirpus sp, followed by family of Iridaceae represented by Iris pseudacurus, and family of Plantaginaceae by Plantago crasiifolia.
Loto cytisoidis-Dactyletum hispanicae Biondi, Filigheddu & Farris 2001 crithmetosum maritimi differs from Dauco hispanici-Asteriscetum maritimus Wojterski 1988 crithmetosum maritimi, by the absence of aerohaline species such as Plantago macrorhiza, Sporobolus arenarius or Parapholis incurvus and the presence of more salt-tolerant species such as Euphorbia pithuysa or Frankenia laevis and nitrophilous ones (Carlina corymbosa, Cynodon dactylon, Gaudinia fragilis).
The active ingredients are: Grindelia robusta 3X--Purpose: Anti-itch/skin protection, Plantago major 4X--Purpose: Anti-itch/pain-relieving/wound healing, Calendula officinalis 3X--Purpose: Wound healing/scar prevention.
The homeopathic product's towelettes are infused with the following active ingredients: Grindelia robusta 3X for anti-itch and skin protection, Plantago major 4X for anti-itch, pain relief and wound healing, and Calendula officinalis 3X for wound healing and scar prevention.
The domestic players Vispak dd, Pharmamed doo and Plantago doo lead tea in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with respective retail value sales shares of 13%, 13% and 11% in 2015.