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German physicist whose explanation of blackbody radiation in the context of quantized energy emissions initiated quantum theory (1858-1947)

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That is, Planck thought, new concepts generally take hold after older scientists with entrenched ideas vanish from the discipline.
The pilot with Planck allows Republic Indemnity to test the impact of real-time data insights, thus reducing submission-to-quote time and increasing underwriting efficiency.
FAU Max Planck Academy students engage in laboratory research, organizing and analyzing big data using machine learning and other advanced computational techniques.
The open access publishing component will allow Max Planck Society members to convert subscription fees into OA spend when publishing with OUP.
Honors students have access to exclusive electives aligned with MPFI's faculty and research infrastructure and can apply to International Max Planck Research Schools in Germany.
Prior to joining Planck Resolution, Leandro was the chief data officer (CDO) and head of information management at AIG.
Planck Resolution, AI-based data platform for commercial insurance, has hired Leandro DalleMule as general manager, North America.
Under an agreement, Themis has provided the exclusive worldwide license to develop, manufacture and commercialise therapies based on an oncolytic measles virus platform, which was jointly developed by the Eberhard-Karls-University Tubingen and the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, to Max-Planck-Innovation GmbH, the technology transfer agency of the Max Planck Society.
These newer measurements matched up with those taken by the Planck of the universe's history, ( says NASA .
The new NIST measurement of Planck's constant is 6.626069934 x 10-34 kg-m2/s, with an uncertainty of only 13 parts per billion.
In this paper, Robitaille's claims will be compared to the original works by Kirchhoff [11] and Planck [12] in order to determine whether his criticisms of these earlier works are valid.
This task requires a highly accurate measurement of Planck's constant, which links energy and frequency.
For months I'd been waiting for the release of the full-mission data from the European Space Agency's Planck spacecraft.
The funds originate half-and-half from the Max Planck Foundation (MPF) and the Dr Helmut Storz Foundation, which is managed by the MPF.