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Synonyms for plaintiff

one that makes a formal complaint, especially in court

Synonyms for plaintiff

a person who brings an action in a court of law

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One obvious disposition, which courts sometimes use already, is to decide the standing of all plaintiffs, order the dismissal of those who lack it, and decide the merits as to those who have it.
A ruling that at least one party has standing may well be enough to encourage the other plaintiffs to voluntarily dismiss their claims or cause the defendant to settle the case.
Turning now to the merits of the City Defendant's motion to change venue, the City Defendant argues that New York County is not a proper county for Plaintiffs action under CPLR [section] 504(3) and HHC [section] 20(3) because these statutes require Plaintiffs action to be venued in the county within the city in which Plaintiffs cause of action against the City Defendant arose.
Plaintiff argues that Plaintiffs declaratory judgment action arises from Blenman's failure to comply with a condition precedent to coverage under the Policy, and that Blenman's breach of the Policy took place in New York County, where Plaintiff is headquartered and where the insurance contract between Plaintiff and Blenman exists.
Accordingly, the court granted the petition and issued the writ directing the Montgomery Circuit Court to enter summary judgment in favor of NHM in Plaintiffs wrongful-death action against it.
whose true name and legal descriptions [are] otherwise unknown to Plaintiff but will be supplied by amendment when ascertained." (Defendants), alleging that the Defendants caused Houston's [sic] death by negligently injuring him while he was a patient of the Defendants and by then negligently treating his injuries while he remained a patient of the defendants.
(19) There, the plaintiffs, Barry Bernstein and American Steel Industries ("ASI"), named a purported "joint venture" between ASI and defendant Balli Steel, as a defendant.
In the first removal, one of the plaintiffs had provided an affidavit supporting the plaintiffs' position that they had a colorable claim against the instate defendant.
members of Congress, (5) professional plaintiffs continue to inhabit the
important dilemma: in private enforcement actions in which plaintiffs
In an originating summons, marked FHC/ABJ/CS/857/2019, dated July 19, 2019, and filed by Ganny Ajape on behalf of Engr Dalori, has Engr Dalori, his company, Galaxy Transportation and Construction Services Ltd as plaintiffs. The plaintiffs are specifically praying for.
For plaintiffs' counsel, Dealy said the case underscores the need to have a firm grip on a client's pursuit of claims and benefits, as actions taken in one matter may unwittingly "sabotage" the prospects for success in another matter.
Under the Lanham Act, "[t]he court in exceptional cases may award reasonable attorney fees to the prevailing party." Defendants advance two arguments in support of their position this is an exceptional case: (1) plaintiff's claims lacked any substantive merit, and (2) plaintiffs litigation conduct was unreasonable.
In a 27-page memorandum filed Monday, the 15 plaintiffs are seeking to force Xerox to comply with the agreement reached in November 2017.
and its partners, advised plaintiffs Neal Cohen and Darren Chaffee on the purchase of LSI Corporation of America, Inc., which participated in an underfunded multi-employer pension plan.