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(1969) used optical measurements and X-ray patterns to suggest that the plane of foliation was not (001) and that the c-axis was inclined to the foliar plane at a shallow angle (26 [degrees] in Placuna placenta).
The effect of micro algal diet and rearing condition on gonad maturity, fecundity and embryonic development of the window-pane shell, Placuna placenta Linnaeus.
On the contrary, the burrowed shellfish species we obtained, namely Tapes dorsatus, Anadara antiquate, Periglypta lacerata, Trachycardium alternatum, Placuna ephippium, and Strombus turturella, from both stations 1 and 2 showed low toxicity levels ranging from 3 + 0.58 to 19 + 3.1 [micro]g STXeq/100 g tissue.
Station Habitats Seafloor Soil substrate (n = 3 per species) (n = 3 per species) 1 Strombus urceus Tapes dorsatus Tectus fenestratus Periglypta lacerata Anadara antiquata 2 Tectus fenestratus Trachycardium alternatum Tapes dorsatus Placuna ephippium Strombus turturella 3 Telescopium telescopium Polymesoda bengalensis Lingula unguis Katelysia japonica Station Habitats Sea grass Coralline area (n = 3 per species) (n = 3 per species) 1 Atrina vexillum Spondylus squamosus Pinna bicolor Pinna muricata 2 Pinna bicolor Spondylus albibarbatus Atrina vexillum Spondylus squamosus 3 Table 3: Shellfish toxicities at Murcielagos Bay, Philippines.