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the name by which a geographical place is known


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NAB earlier written a letter to ministry and requested it to place former finance minister Ishaq Dar name on ECL but ministry hadn't place name of finance Minister on ECL.
The List of Historic Place Names of Wales aims to promote Wales rich legacy of place names through the ages and encourage their modern day use.
The List of Historic Place Names of Wales will capture their historical importance for generations.
It will provide insights into land use, the archaeology and history of Wales and reflects how place names have evolved.
Why is it that place names are less prone to change than other aspects of language like accents and pronunciations?
Speaking after his visit, the minister said: "For almost three decades the Place-Name Project has been diligently compiling their incredible database which includes place names that can be traced back more than a millennium.
At times this title feels as if it might have lost too much in translation and that given the nature of the topic, looking at place names in Welsh and their meanings, the English edition might have benefited from more of a re-write than was necessary for other titles in the series.
GuPauskyte's theoretical foundation, which she explains in the Introduction, is the view that Columbian place names comprise not a collection of disconnected utterances, but "a discourse, in the Foucauldian sense of the word, in which the relationships among the toponyms rather than single toponyms alone create their meaning as a whole" (16).
The place names themselves provide a skeleton that Nash fleshes out in stories about people, language, place, and his own fieldwork experiences.
What I find surprising is that they also changed the indigenous place names.
Geographical's recent feature about Antarctic place names (Naming the un-named, December 2013) reminded me of the fact that although scientists have a magnificent and irreplaceable contribution to make to the world's knowledge bank, sometimes their zeal for accuracy can squash the poetry out of a thing.
Manhattan to Minisink; American Indian place names in greater New York and vicinity.
This entails banning the publishing, circulating, and distribution and offer of maps, books and documents with non-official place names.
Beds often have Norwegian place names, dining room tables and chairs have Finnish place names, and bathroom items echo the names of Swedish rivers, bays or lakes.
This edited collection of Nelson Island place names and stories is a contribution to the literature that is beautiful in both content and form.