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Italian open pie made of thin bread dough spread with a spiced mixture of e

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We had to take the whole muscle mass with the tendons as well as the hand, unlike other cases, where the injury level was in the middle or lower part of the arm, leaving lots of tendons and a few muscles," Piza explained.
Piza Escalante, "Relaciones entre derecho internacional y derecho interno, con especial alusion al derecho de los derechos humanos" (May 31, 1996) (unpublished manuscript presented at the Primer Concurso Interamericano de Derechos Humanos, Washington College of Law, American University, on file with the author).
These included, but were certainly not limited to, judges such as Pedro Nikken, Rodolfo Piza, Rafael Nieto Navia, Thomas Buergenthal (a survivor of Auschwitz), Roberto Reina (now president of Honduras), Hector Fix-Zamudio, and more recently Sonia Picado, Antonio Cancado Trindade, and Oliver Jackman.
Assemble your own Armenian piza (or is it an Armenian taco?
But the PLN's historic adversary, the PUSC, with lawyer Rodolfo Piza as its nominee for the presidency, is not the second option--it actually ranks third, so far.
Notes on the Brazilian harvestmen genera Progonyleptoidellus Piza and Iporangaia Mello-Leitao (Opiliones: Gonyleptidae).
Lançada no fim de 2006, a antologia Emily Dickinson: Alguns poemas, organizada e traduzida pelo poeta e tradutor paraibano José Lira, foi classificada entre os dez primeiros livros indicados para o Prêmio Jabuti e foi incluída entre os melhores de 2007 por Daniel Piza, crítico de O Estado de S.
TUI flies from Baginton to ajorca, Alicante, Amsterdam, arcelona, Grenoble, biza, Piza, Salzburg, Paris, and Jersey.
Costa Rica secured a special session of the OAS to designate judges and proposed two of the initial seven jurists (Rodolfo Piza, Costa Rica's former UN ambassador, and U.
Wiznitzer, "Exodus from Brazil," 92-93, suggests that Abraham (or Abram) Israel was Abraham Israel Dias or De Piza, and that David Israel may have been David Israel Faro, both on the Brazilian congregation lists.
Prioritising what's important in life can be easier said than done when the pile in your in-tray resembles the Leaning Tower of Piza and the phone is ringing off the hook.
Despite being "Junior" Calderon's pick for the PUSC primaries against Rodolfo Piza, promoted by Rodriguez, the party's nominee for the country's top job, Rodolfo Hernandez, has an nonpolitical image as the head of the state Hospital Nacional de Ninos (HNN), a post he has successfully held for years and which people link him to.
Monosyllabic negative imperative forms occurred in Sikrog and at least in Piza West Livonian.
O autor tem muito cuidado mesmo ao introduzir no texto possiveis criticas a obra: falando sobre a oba de Richard Price, caracterizado pelo autor, Daniel Piza, como "um escritor cada vez mais respeitado", diz que "o livro se concentra no comportamento de policiais e suspeitos, cujas vozes conhecemos pela arte de Price, embora o efeito seja cansativo nas 455 paginas".