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a member of either of two Shoshonean peoples (northern Paiute and southern Paiute) related to the Aztecs and living in the southwestern United States


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"It's the perfect time of year to ride the Paiute Trail system, the temperature is just right and it provides one last outing before school starts," stated Darin Bushman - Piute County Commissioner.
As such, from May 19-23, the BLM Ridgecrest Regional Wild Horse and Burro staff conducted a census and field monitoring of the wild burros near the Piute Mountains Wilderness Area.
Postnatal growth of the piute ground squirrel (Spermophilus mollis).
To date, it has been found only in the steepest and shadiest portion of Caliente Canyon on the west side of the Piute Mountains, in mixed oak/Gray Pine (Pinus sabiniana Dougl.(/Buckeye (Aesculus californica (Spach) Nutt.) woodland at approximately 700 m (2,300 ft) in elevation.
Located on 1,100 acres of privately owned land southwest of the Tehachapi and Piute mountains, the thin film photovoltaic panel project, under construction since May, began ramping up operation last month and will reach full capacity during the second quarter of this year.
The facility is located southwest of the Piute and Tehachapi Mountains.
Beaver, Box Elder, Piute, and Weber counties all produced book goats in 2011.
Mechanisms of prey selectivity in the Piute sculpin, Cottus beldingi.
The proposed agreement allows Stina to earn a 70% interest in Royal Mines' private Smith Lease Property as well as a 40% interest in Royal Mines' 100% interest in 20 Piute Valley claims, both located in the Searchlight Mining District.
The original and best-known site bearing the name "Big Rock Candy Mountain" does, however, remain the site in Piute County in west central Utah, which consists of formerly volcanic rock in various hues of orange, yellow, white, and red.
If that still isn't remote enough for you, heft your pack and head up and over the towering Piute Pass into the backcountry.
MILTON BY FIRELIGHT Piute Creek, August 1955 "Oh hell, what do mine eyes with grief behold?" Working with an old Singlejack miner, who can sense The vein and cleavage In the very guts of rock, can Blast granite, build Switchbacks that last for years Under the beat of snow, thaw, mule-hooves.
The last off-road section of the day is also the most spectacular: A 30-mile traverse of the Piute Mountains, which takes us from the sere scrub of Jawbone Canyon to the lush, cool meadows of Kelso Valley and then up 5,000 feet to the Sequoia-lined ridge road over the mountains.
Of the eighty lakes within a few miles of the creek, Forbes photographed the lake at the north fork of the creek near Piute Pass and the one at the head of the creek's south fork.