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Water metabolism in the Pine Vole Pitymys pinetorum.
Source Species n This study Arborimus longicaudus 7 Winkleman and Getz 1962 Meriones unguiculatus 4 Getz 1963 Microtus ochrogaster 27 Church 1966 Microtus californicus 47 Getz 1963 Microtus pennsylvanicus 22 Getz 1968 Clethrionomys gapperi 6 McManus 1974 Clethrionomys gapperi 5 Rhodes and Richmond 1981 Pitymys pinetorutn (2) 10 Rhodes and Richmond 1981 Pitymys pinetortim (3) 10 Free water consumption Source ml/g/d ml/d This study 0.
These traits are sheared by rodents like Pitymys subterraneus, Pitymys tatricus and Microtus nirvalis mirhanreini at 14 pc day (67 to 68% of gestation) (Sterba, 1976), Clethrionomys glareolus of 14.
The fossil record of Pitymys in central Texas includes the mid-Wisconsinan Moore Pit site and the approximately 200-year-old Walton site, both in or beyond the northeastern part of central Texas.
Genetic analysis of Tula hantaviral sequences amplified from tissues of Pitymys subterraneus captured in the Cacak region of Serbia-Yugoslavia.