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In summary, CPDRN is the first multicenter database for pituitary diseases registry in China, and it provides the most widely used platform for collection and sharing of data about patients with pituitary disease in China.
After the establishment of CPDRN, most pituitary disease institutions in China would like to register the information of patients with pituitary disease into CPDRN and share the registered clinical data.
The role of the low dose (1 microgram) adrenocorticotropin test in the evaluation of patients with pituitary diseases.
It's a big challenge but not only will she raise money for the foundation, she'll raise awareness of pituitary diseases like craniopharyngioma
For the past several years, Knutzen has devoted his time to disseminating information about pituitary diseases via the quarterly PTNA newsletter, an information line in his home and a Web site (www.