Pitot-static tube

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measuring instrument consisting of a combined Pitot tube and static tube that measures total and static pressure

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004 of the pitot-static tube, [zeta] Correction coefficient 1 1 of an individual testing, [psi] Turn step of the 18 9 model on the turntable (deg) Number of the 20 40 operational stops for measurement The height of the 300 690 pitot-static tube point over turntable (mm) The maximum value of 0.
0028) Standard Spiral Duct Data Using Pitot-Static Tube 356 (14) 0.
For tests conducted on corrugated ducts and conventional spiral ducts the pressure loss was measured using the static pressure ports of Pitot-static tubes mounted at the duct center-line at axial locations as prescribed by ASHRAE Standard 120.
Because of concerns about the disparity in the fabric duct/steel duct diameter at the terminal connections, it was suggested that additional pressure loss tests be performed on fabric ducts using Pitot-static tubes mounted at the duct centerline, at axial locations prescribed by ASHRAE Standard 120.
Like-wise, the static pressure upstream and downstream of the test section and the pressure loss indicated by the Pitot-static tubes was measured by means of electronic manometers having a readability of + or -0.