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measuring instrument consisting of a right-angled tube with an open end that is directed in opposition to the flow of a fluid and used to measure the velocity of fluid flow

measuring instrument consisting of a combined Pitot tube and static tube that measures total and static pressure

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Over the south Atlantic, the aircraft flew though icing conditions that caused ice crystals to accumulate in the pitot tubes.
And in 1980, a Florida Commuter Airlines flight with wasps in its pitot tubes crashed in the Atlantic Ocean, killing 34 people.
After flying, some folks forget to turn off the pitot tube heater.
The original Pitot Tube pumps (one duty and one standby) had been in operation for some time supplying high pressure water from a holding tank to the filter screen pressure jets and the wash-down lances around the plant.
The coefficients 'a' and 'b' were determined by a least squares curve fit, based on Pitot tube pressure loss data obtained in the absence of the support frame.
His fault investigation yielded the possibility of malicious interference as the pitot tube appears to have been blocked with glue.
It is based on the effect of Pitot tube, when pressure is determined as static pressure [p.
With its large diaphragm area and integral Pitot tube booster, the regulator is designed for quick and smooth response to excessive pressure relief requirements, particularly within low-pressure settings.
On some of those occasions, the TAB contractor has been requested to run a Pitot tube traverse at various locations to either confirm where the air is in the duct or help identify the problem.
He added that after the pitot tube malfunctioned the plane rose steeply, which could have caused the engine to stall and the Airbus to crash.
The high-speed sampling and symmetrical design of the averaging pitot tube provides the EFM-HS with the ability to accurately measure reverse flow due to engine pulsations and to properly account for this phenomenon in the average flow rate determination, the company said.
This was carried out in a high-speed wind tunnel using the Pitot tube measurement technique.
It can do draft and differential pressure measurement, measures gas velocity with a Pitot tube, and can measure smoke, as well.
Fortum contacted Solartron Mobrey who visited the site and recommended averaging pitot tube technology
This is followed by how to build a pitot tube and manometer (instruments for testing pressure) to test your equipment.