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In particular, we a) calculated global pit latrine coverage, b) systematically reviewed empirical studies of the impacts of pit latrines on groundwater quality, c) evaluated latrine siting standards, and d) identified knowledge gaps regarding the potential for and consequences of groundwater contamination by latrines.
And indeed just a few meters away, there stood a pit latrine with intending users hanging around and lumps of children's feces on the ground.
Countries where pit latrine use is prevalent also tend to have high rates of groundwater use.
Up to 6,000 people are expected benefit from the three-month project, which will involve the construction of a borehole, ventilated improved pit latrine and sanitation tool kits.
But the stench of an ancient pit latrine was so lifelike that some visitors found it a little too much to stomach.
There was a cold shower and a pit latrine and we took our own food.
To help the affected people in areas of sanitation, through re-constructing pit latrines and supporting four schools with pit latrine construction.
Tenders are invited for Construction of 730 nos Twin Pit Latrine from ward no.
The tiny flies breed the agents in a pit latrine, animal dung or human faeces.
Also the UN refugee agency will dig boreholes or save water points they also will be provided with tools to dig pit latrine for the purpose of hygiene and sanitation.
However, administrators in Yei County have accused some donors of charging southerners an exorbitant amount for constructing community pit latrine at $35 per pit.
As a result of their local mobilization, four (4) door pit latrine with one shelter was constructed, completed and the latrine is now in good use.
The economic gains associated with construction of the ventilated pit latrine, the model used by rural communities, may be modest, but they are just the start.
It is defined with respect to connection to a sewer or septic tank system, pour-flush latrine, simple pit or ventilated improved pit latrine [4].