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He also enquired on government position regarding the usage of old pit latrine toilets.
Mombasa inspectorate director Mohammed Amir said officials would inspect pit latrines in the county.
Emerson's team compared the prevalence of active trachoma in villages before and after they either began regularly spraying permethrin to control flies or were provided with pit latrines.
Pit latrine emptying behavior and demand for sanitation services in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
The SaTo pan is encased in a concrete slab built to cover an open pit latrine that is lined with concrete rings.
Respondents from six households in this community used the Pit latrine (Table 2).
A simple pit latrine, one of the most basic forms of the household sanitation offers an inexpensive alternative to expensive and environmentally intensive sewage system.
The winner of the Young Environmental Engineer Award for 2012 is James Radford (pictured) for his development of a device to physically characterise pit latrine sludge.
All the households in the study used pit latrines, and only 40% reported frequent hand-washing after visiting the pit latrine.
Gaudensio Lakabakaba in Palabek camp said he was sharing a pit latrine with over 100 persons.
I discarded my baby like I did my body, down a pit latrine crawling with cockroaches.
In the simplest terms, how do you convince an African villager that the six-foot pit latrine you're digging is better than the bush?
It included digging out pit latrine toilets and searching stock rooms for millions of pieces of paper.
For those who buy their kales and cabbage from Mama Mboga, just know that those greens have come from far like the soil that you dig from the pit latrine.
In particular, we a) calculated global pit latrine coverage, b) systematically reviewed empirical studies of the impacts of pit latrines on groundwater quality, c) evaluated latrine siting standards, and d) identified knowledge gaps regarding the potential for and consequences of groundwater contamination by latrines.