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a stop during an automobile trip for rest and refreshment

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a brief stop at a pit during an automobile race to take on fuel or service the car

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While the racers hog the limelight for heroics on the tracks, they, in reality are plying their trade on instructions from engineers in the pit lanes.
Opening the pit lane to the public enabled F1 fans from across the globe to witness their favourite teams and drivers preparing for the final race in the 2017 calendar.
To commemorate this, the event will include the Coal Pit Lane Challenge.
Hundreds of people walked down the pit lane and had the opportunity to watch their teams hard at work preparing for today's Formula One action.
Project ZAC ValleyLongueau sitework of creating a storage hall and creating a pit lane on route 87.
Mercedes sent their mechanics into the pit lane in a deliberate attempt to unsettle Williams who led the opening phase of the race at Silverstone.
I started from the pit lane, so in my mind I could not afford to lose anything else.
Extensive repairs and replacement of parts, however, will incur penalties which will lead to the Briton starting the race from the pit lane.
THE FIA has announced a ban on media and other non-essential personnel in the Formula One pit lane after a cameraman was struck by a loose wheel during Sunday's German Grand Prix.
Thousands of fans enjoyed a rare opportunity to get an up-close look at the 11 F1 teams' garages during the Pit Lane Walk yesterday.
However, as Webber then failed to drive back to the pit lane under the car's own power and provide a fuel sample as required by F1 rules, the FIA has been left with no choice but to penalise him.
The winner will also have a meet-and-greet with one of the Mercedes AMG Petronas drivers and access to the pit lane during the pit lane walk.
The Formula One package will include full-day VIP passes, exclusive Formula One hospitality and access to the pit lane during the pit lane walk.
Jenson Button of Britain is pushed by a marshall after stopping in the pit lane
According to The Sun, Button got as far as the pit lane exit when his front right wheel wobbled off.