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type genus of the Pipridae containing the typical manakins

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El Pipra filicauda, asignado anteriormente al genero Teleonema, haciendo honor a su epiteto especifico, cuenta con largos filamentos a continuacion de las plumas de la cola, generalmente mas bien corta en el grupo de los saltarines.
Phylogenetic analyses of the genera Pipra, Lepidothrix and Dixiphia (Pipridae, Passeriformes) using partial cyto chrome b and 16S mtDNA genes.
In terms of absolute seed numbers, Pipra removed the most seeds for three of the four shrub species (Table 2).
05, test using Corapipo and Pipra only; Ossaea: W = 0.
Similarly, Pipra and Euphonia deposited proportionally more Ossaea seeds in ridge and slope habitats compared to the distribution of fruiting adults [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
If seeds survive equally well in all habitats and are treated similarly in digestive systems of birds, then Pipra is the most effective disperser for all plant species except Clidemia, and Chlorothraupis is the most effective disperser for Clidemia based on the quantity component of dispersal effectiveness.
Cecilia Chi-Ham, Director Biotechnology Resources of PIPRA, said, "A primary goal of PIPRA is to ensure that public sector agricultural research institutions have the most comprehensive scientific tools and information possible to aid their quest to improve local and global food supplies.
Ronald Ranauro, CEO of Gene-IT, said, "Gene-IT is very pleased to be working with PIPRA, as the organization helps build bridges between agricultural institutes worldwide, in enabling them to share and leverage the latest sequence and IP information relevant to their research.
PIPRA is guided by the belief that IP can be more effectively managed collaboratively and by employing a set of shared principles that support broad technology access and broad innovation.
Tenders are invited for Gram Sabha Pipra Uttar Patti Tola Jaisawali Virendra Prasad Ke Ghar Se Nathuni Prasad Ke Ghar Tak Interloking Work
Tenders are invited for Mayapur Se Pipra Baghel Marg Par Syahi Nale Par Puliya Nirman Work
Tenders are invited for Pipra Daun Me Nahar Pich Marg Pich Marg Se Transfarmar Hote Hue Bramh Sthan Tak Interloking Work
Tenders are invited for Pipra Puran Pich Marg Se Bhaiya Phulwariya Tak Kharanja Work
Tenders are invited for Silt Clearance In Pipra Minor From Km.