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The eumagnoliids are an informal group composed of the Canellales, Laurales, Magnoliales, Piperales and Chloranthales (sensu Soltis et al.
Laurales, Magnoliales y Piperales, mas las monocotiledoneas y las llamadas eudicotiledoneas (esto es.
These groups are probably not the direct ancestors of monocots, which seem rooted more closely to the vessel-beating groups Chloranthales and Piperales (Carlquist, 1992a, b, 2009) where structural resemblances are concerned.
1/2 134 Aristolochiaceae, Piperales Aristolochia L.
Peppers and pipevines: phylogenetic relationships within Piperales.
225] PINALES Pinaceae Larix sibirica [25] Picea abies [25] Pinus sylvestris [25] PIPERALES Hydnoraceae Hydnora afrieana Thunb.
This is not surprising, given the characters that "supported" the original group: "The other line, here called the 'paleoherbs,' is characterized by anomocytic stomata, two perianth cycles, and trimery in both the perianth and the androecium (except for loss of one or both perianth cycles in Lactoris and Piperales and secondary multiplication of parts in Nympheaceae)" (Donoghue & Doyle, 1989a: 28).
P-type plastids of different forms prevail in the other eumagnoliid orders; namely, Laurales, Magnoliales, and Piperales (see Behnke, 1988).