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Chou & Lu (1977) proposed that Pochazia formusana Esaki, 1931 is a junior synonym of Pochazia pipera Distant, 1914.
Inhibicion del crecimiento de bacterias y levaduras por el extracto etanolico de Romadizo comparado con los controles Diametro de la zona de inhibicion (mm) Controles Organismo Extracto Pipera Penicilina Ketoconazol vegetal cilina Staphylococcus aureus 17-18 29 34 N.
Pulegium apud Indos pipera pretiosius est, cum ei annotatis.
Real estate developer Tagor will open this May the first two apartment blocks in the Adora Urban Village residential project near Bucharest and plans to start works at three new such projects - a second one in Bucharest in the Pipera neighborhood, one in Arad and one in Timisoara.
Built due to the upper-class's need of running away from the big city, from the bustle, the noise and the pollution of the Bucharest environment, Pipera was nothing but an agricultural piece of land twenty years ago.
Transport changesTraffic in Bucharest has become more bearable in the last five years, as the public authorities have completed major infrastructure projects such as the Basarab and Pipera overpasses and have started to expand the subway network.