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fitting consisting of threaded pieces of pipe for joining pipes together


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Born in San Pedro, Nantroup worked as a coppersmith pipefitter at the Terminal Island shipyards while attending community college.
Union representatives are taking Irish contractors Laurence Mechanical Services to court on behalf of the 23 pipefitters.
Paul pipefitter Tim Mahoney got a jump on that strategy when he elbowed his way into the race for an open state legislative seat in the neighborhood where he grew up.
Bill (not his real name) is a 42-year-old man who was employed for 16 years as a pipefitter and hull inspector at the local dockyard prior to sustaining a spinal cord injury at the C4/C5 level.
He worked for 41 years as a pipefitter and maintenance supervisor at Weyerhaeuser.
Dad David, 54, a pipefitter, said: "She was so full of life.
Pipefitter Kev, of Hartlepool, said: "Mining is the heritage of this area that had its heart ripped out by Thatcher's government.
Matthew Grey, a 59-year-old pipefitter from Darlington, was killed in the incident.
Pipefitter Glen Chesters, 43, from Liverpool, said:" We were all told on April 1 that the work was finished.
Trainee pipefitter Michael Murphy and three pals took to the briney at Little Haven in Pembrokeshire to launch what is hoped will be an annual charity swim.
Pipefitter John, from Kirkliston, near Edinburgh, has bungee-jumped for charity and is a regular blood donor.
Pipefitter Donald John MacDonald, 55, of Tain, died from severe head injuries when a connection porch on a subsea valve assembly he was working on fell over.
The pipefitter said that the only training he needed was six pints in the pub the night before.
Pipefitter Matthew Grey, 59, of Bensham Road, Darlington, was killed while working in the cargo tanks of the Bleo Holm, 72 miles north-east of Aberdeen, on January 6.
Colleague Matthew Grey, 59, a pipefitter from Darlington, was killed while working in the cargo tanks of the Bleo Holm 72 miles north east of Aberdeen on Saturday night.