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a meson involved in holding the nucleus together


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At the fundamental level, the interaction of quarks with gluon fields lies at the heart of the theory of the strong nuclear force, says Creutz, but experimentally, scientists only observe physical hadrons such as protons and pions. He explores the physics involved in the path between these two contrasting pictures of the world.
We have calculated the number of positive and negative kaons and the number of positive and negative pions from the generated output of the UrQMD and DPMJET III model for all the energies.
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Cette ouverture porte le sceau du Pistolero, auteur de son dixieme pion de l'exercice en Liga, puis de son onzieme, mais aussi du tiki-taka catalan, car elle intervient apres pas moins d'une trentaine de passes.
At such energies proton interactions with a matter of the solar atmosphere create neutral pions which decay immediately and generate a broad gamma-ray line with a maximum near 70 MeV [4, 5].
Hence, the pions and the [W.sup.[+ or -]] have integral spin and dimension [[L.sup.-1]].
The neutrinos in the experiment were created by slamming speeding protons into a stationary target, producing a pulse of pions -- unstable particles that were magnetically focused into a long tunnel where they decayed in flight into muons and neutrinos.
Though they are phenomena at different levels of subatomic organization, hadrons and nuclei are both governed by the strong interaction and are eventually described by quantum chromodynamics, so there is much that members of the two research fields can share, most notably, chiral symmetry and pions. Even so, the 28 papers on hadron physics, the 20 papers on nuclear physics, and the two papers on special topics are in different sections.
Protons from the 30-GeV Main Ring synchrotron were directed onto a carbon target, where their collisions produced charged particles called pions.
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Tim Mullock, who is the goalkeeper for the British Univer-sities men's football team, will be visiting as an ambassador of the Sporting Cham- pions Scheme.
Neutral kaons and antikaons both can decay to form the same end product: a pair of p mesons, or pions. In some cases these pions are electrically charged; in others they are neutral.
Pions had been discovered by Powell (see 1947), and since that was the intermediate-sized particle that Yukawa had predicted (see 1935, Strong Interaction), there seemed no reason to expect anything more.
In heavy-ion collisions at SIS [1,2], AGS [3-5], and SPS [6-8] energies, the transverse momentum spectra of positively and negatively charged pions show a difference in shape at low [p.sub.T] and these results were interpreted as due to the Coulomb final-state interaction between the charged pions and the positive net-charge of the particle source.
90 pions en bois portant des chiffres de 1 a 90 que l'animateur du jeu tire un par un, au hasard, d'un sac apres les avoir bien melanges et dont il annonce les numeros a haute voix et parfois avec une pointe d'humour.