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a suit made from a fabric with very thin stripes

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a fabric with very thin stripes

a very thin stripe (especially a white stripe on a dark fabric)

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"Much of the inspiration for my paint jobs and ornate patterns comes from the pinstriping on old courthouses and carriages, greeting cards and older everyday-use items like coffee grinders."
"Restoring is easy compared to pinstriping," Peter claims.
Peter goes about the coloring and pinstriping process by first finding a design or style that suits his tastes.
Besides being the inventor of custom pinstriping, Von Dutch was a gifted gunsmith and knifemaker who took a reckless delight in brandishing his handiwork around pesky sycophants.
The accompanying photos usually featured him hard at work on a pinstriping project, or goofing for the camera surrounded by the exotic appurtenances of the emerging beatnik life-style.