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official notice that you have been fired from your job

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While the company is not going to take back the 500 workers who have already been sacked, the management has agreed not to issue any more pink slips to other workers," a senior company executive confirmed to MAIL TODAY .
Last year, more than 26,000 pink slips were sent out statewide to teachers and 16,000 were laid off.
Despite the lengthy congressional debate about the pink slip in 1934, the media did not focus on it.
But if you already are holding one of those pink slips and you are a techie, you might check out the Colorado Software and Internet Association's new Web-based career center.
They will be given pink slips soon," a senior management executive told MAIL TODAY .
After all, investigating why so many jobs have been forced out of California would mean following trails of pink slips back to city councils, county commissions, and, of course, back to the state Legislature.
Tonight, the prospect of layoffs looms large, and many on Scott's staff sort of welcome the idea of pink slips.
Fifty people at Thunder Bay's Cascades Fine Papers Group are going to be receiving pink slips over the next 12 weeks.
SIMI VALLEY - All 21 of the temporary teachers at Simi Valley elementary schools got pink slips last week as the school district moved to ward off a $6 million deficit in its 2004-05 budget.
Budget cuts require that 46 of the department's 270 employees receive pink slips, probably by May 1, said Stan Trom, director of Child Support Services.
Kinross Gold shut down its Kirkland Lake facilities in 1999, plagued by high production costs and diving gold prices, issuing about 200 pink slips in the process while they concentrated operations in Timmins.
That offered hope that companies might be feeling better about business conditions and be less inclined to hand out pink slips.