Ping River

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a river in western Thailand

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Water quality monitoring in upper Ping river, Thailand.
In northern Thailand, five sites in the Ping River were selected, in the central region there were five sites in the Tha Chin River.
The Ping River was characterized by having the highest number of species (94 species, 36 genera) as compared with the other rivers because this river contains some of the most suitable substrate for benthic diatoms.
The lowest number of species found in the Ping River was 10.
The Ping River showed the highest number of species (94 species) followed by the Chi River (92 species), the Tapee River (92 species), the Tha Chin River (87 species), the Kwai River (84 species) and the Chanthaburi River (82 species), respectively.
Next came a glide on a bamboo raft down the Ping river, the banks dripping with vivid jungle greens.
Most of the weirs on the Ping River were more durable, being made of large logs and rocks, and irrigated more extensive areas but, like the smaller systems, they were prone to flood damage and required frequent repairs too.
In some of the larger systems on the Ping River a great weir chief (kae luang) was selected to supervise the work of the kae muang responsible for smaller units.
The weir was located on the Ping River and functioned to irrigate 64,462 rai in Sansai, Mae Rim, Muang and Doi Saket districts, and served 101 villages.
This river flows through large catchment areas into the Ping River, merges with others and finally converges to the Chao Phraya River, a major river in Thailand.
Site 6 is the station that Mae Kuang River merges to Ping River.
Pb, Cd and Hg in surface water of the Ping River were below than detection limit (Traichaiyaporn and Chitmanat, 2008).