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dark brown marten of northern Eurasian coniferous forests

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Mostly, however, it is the loss of habitat that has been to blame for their demise: pine martin live in tall pines, and the trees in Wales's post-World War I plantations are generally too short.
Searching for red squirrels and pine martin in the area.
Spinning it out and delaying action could lead to hedgehogs joining the ranks of the red squirrel and the pine martin.
a local pine martin I had named Curious George years before due to his inquisitive nature, came to visit.
First day of the year," said fellow shredder Darian Dolinajec, 19, near the top of the Pine Martin chairlift.
Her job was to capture on film the elusive pine martin in the rugged Burren in Co Clare.
At Point Lynas harbour porpoises included a female with calf and a pine martin was a real surprise in Flintshire.
Meanwhile, Mount Bachelor Ski Area west of Bend will begin running its Pine Martin Express chairlift for sightseers on July 4.
In real life, she's much more gorgeously glossy than she is on television, but perhaps that's due to the fact we're used to seeing her dishevelled and bare-faced, three days into a trekking trip to track pine martins.