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At the approach to the final ascent, the trail skirts the Hermitage, a spiring stand of 175-year-old white pines, the oldest in the Pine Tree State.
For the Portland Press Herald, not the Daily News, is now the most popular newspaper in the Pine Tree State.
However, this year's smaller employment loss may signify better days ahead for the Pine Tree State.
With an unusually low minimum spend of $75,000 and no annual or project cap, the Pine Tree State welcomes features, TV, reality and animation.
I no longer have a copy of my proposal, but basically it went like this: Announce that the Pine Tree State was so interested in finding new ways of cutting costs that he was instituting a program asking every citizen to send him their own ideas for improving government services by making simple changes in the way things are done.
It's perfectly legal, meanwhile, for that same child to witness unabashed wine consumption through the windows of restaurants, bars, hotels, and private homes in the Pine Tree State.
The Pine Tree State has had Native American delegates as nonvoting members of its House of Representatives since it became a state in 1820.
The other nine states along the Northeastern seaboard - from New Hampshire to Maryland - ranked above Maine, with costs of doing business exceeding those of the Pine Tree State.
The obvious choice for the Pine Tree State would be the black fly.
PORTLAND, Maine -- Cold Stone Creamery, the fastest-growing ice cream franchise in the nation, today announced development plans for expanding franchise operations in the Pine Tree State.
When they learn of my Pine Tree State background, they almost universally pop the same question: "Where in Maine - Bar Harbor?
A load of firewood from Worcester was among 27 loads the Maine Forest Service seized from people entering the Pine Tree State last week.
She will be raised on a farm in a mid-Maine rural community, and grow up among the children of others who began flocking to the Pine Tree State in the turbulent '60s and '70s to get away from the hustle, bustle and commercial and corporate influence of urban America.