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an ode form used by Pindar


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The standard reading of Gray's canon typically disassociates his Pindaric odes from his other meditative poems, including "Eton College.
Eliot's "absence of pattern" is more or less synonymous with the Pindaric irregularity that operates fundamentally in Kirby-Smith's study.
Politics, Poetics, and the Pindaric Ode: 1450-1700.
Revard (English and Greek, Southern Illinois University, emerita) examines the rebirth and evolution of the Pindaric ode in Europe, from its adoption by Neoplatonic authors in fifteenth century Italy through its vernacular metamorphosis in both style and function, especially in French and English by the end of the seventeenth century.
What criticisms have we not heard of late in favour of blank verse, and Pindaric odes, choruses, anapests and iambics, alliterative care, and happy negligence.
Previsic's analysis of "Der Rhein," to cite one example, supplements existing scholarship by interpreting the "Gesez dieses Gesanges" not only in light of the Wechsel der Tone or Pindaric strophic form, but in terms of the poem's own basic rhythmical phrases.
66-70), Bruhn mentions how Messiaen structures the movement like the triad of a Pindaric ode consisting of a strophe, antistrophe, and epode, but does not acknowledge what others--Harry Halbreich, Camille Crunelle Hill, and I myself--have written on the subject.
ANNE FINCH'S PINDARIC ODE, "The Spleen" (1702), opens with a question: "What art thou, Spleen?
46 de la Pitica VIII: "In the Pindaric verse, however, [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII], as epithet of the Shield, would naturally mean "bright", "glittering" (like [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] and [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII], said of burnished metal), rather than of bright colour".
Daniel Menager examines Ronsard's "Muses," not only as those who guide his Pindaric pen in the pursuit of art, but also as the gentle intimate companions of his youth, his poetic inspiration.
What flourished was tragedy, the Pindaric ode, and the mock-heroic poem--that is, affectation and the degradation of poetry.
Nevertheless, determined to prove his continued reverence for Olympism and the Olympic movement, Cook participated in the 1920 Antwerp games, claiming a silver medal in the literature competition for his Pindaric ode titled "The Antwerp Olympic Games.
No 'Vitae Lampada' (readily available elsewhere) but it does contain Larkin's classic Pindaric ode on mortal achievement, 'At Grass'.
In her Pindaric ode "On Desire," Behn's speaker asks the questions that perplex her characters, like Lady Galliard, who surrender to the desire provoked by the rake: "What Art thou, oh
As Leslie Kurke states in her study of the coherence of Pindaric ode, one can finally only argue for the possibility that thematically related images in a poem are meant to be understood by its audience as forming a "coherent system": the proof lies finally "in the conviction individual readings inspire" (1991, 12).