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the act of enclosing something inside something else

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Financially The Beautiful Game is caught in a pincer movement. On the one hand it is suffering from sharply rising costs, illustrated by Beckham's salary being linked to his "image earnings." Even at Liverpool players' costs have shot up from pounds 7.9m to pounds 43.6m.
PINCER MOVEMENT Harlequin crab on Indonesian sea cucumber; UGLY MUG Pacific spotted scorpionfish; BARELY SEEN Grizzly bear takes cover in field of snow; YELLOW PERIL Merlet's scorpionfish; CREEPY CRAWLY Goldenrod spider climbs up red stem; HANGING OUT Palethroated threetoed sloth on a tree trunk; SNEAKY CRITTER Young marine crocodile hides under a lily
Since his sentiments lie that way, his first priority should be a pincer movement on Harare and the ousting of Robert Mugabe.
SMALL businesses are being hit by a pincer movement of suppliers billing quicker and few companies paying within agreed payment terms, according to HSBC Commercial banking.
And pundits said that the Labour Government's proposals were being caught in a pincer movement between outright opponents of devolution and nationalists dissatisfied with the modest powers the assembly would have.
Has the American pincer movement on Anfield and Old Trafford improved it?
He is caught in a pincer movement after the House of Representatives, the other part of America's parliament, linked military funding to the pull-out.
They've got a pincer movement going on him, kicking him while he's down and Arsenal are struggling.
Last night, as Perez boasted that Vieira would be joining a club that is poised to overtake Manchester United as the most commercially-successful on the planet, Arsenal were caught in the grip of another pincer movement.
"The teams worked in a pincer movement to find him," said a spokesman for Cairngorm MRT.
The team leader split the team up into two different groups in a pincer movement - one from the east and one from the west - and the walker, who was uninjured, was found pretty quickly.
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Wobbling Tory hardliner Jacob Rees-Mogg's fears it is May's terrible Brexit or no Brexit combined with Labour rebel Caroline Flint's assertion that up to 70 of her party's MPs would not back a second referendum is a pincer movement in May's favour.
A pincer movement by the NHS, the DWP and a local authority drove Penny Oliver to kill herself with the very drugs which got her into a spiral of debt.
Taking a yoga mat, doing the pincer movement, and making the most of sponsored booths are just three of the 11 ways to make for a more frugal and comfortable experience.