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  • noun

Synonyms for pillar

Synonyms for pillar

a fundamental principle or practice

anything that approximates the shape of a column or tower

a prominent supporter

a vertical cylindrical structure standing alone and not supporting anything (such as a monument)

(architecture) a tall vertical cylindrical structure standing upright and used to support a structure

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Pilla completed her pediatric dental residency at the Montefiore Medical Center as Chief Resident and also underwent an extensive pediatric dental fellowship at Columbia University for patients with special needs.
However, Mr Pilla said there was no indication the leak was a result of a breach of Microsoft's corporate network.
Di Pilla also stresses that companies need to be wary of vendors' claims.
Pilla adds that the major manufacturers of EMF-generating bone-growth stimulators still rely on this basic waveform.
It isn't that the IRS doesn't know of the problems, says Pilla.
In the coming weeks and months, each of us as well as our bishops' conference, will do all we can to educate people about partial-birth abortions," Pilla and the cardinals told Clinton in their letter.
Sprawl and its consequences, Pilla insists, have helped to trigger the deep and alarming fissure that now plagues American society--on the one side upwardly mobile Americans on the cutting edge of incessant suburban growth, on the other side the poor left behind in disinvested inner city neighborhoods.
He currently serves on the Boards of Hudson Clothing LLC and Pilla Inc.
Tenders are invited for providing drinking water facilities to pilla jathara at agrampahad (v) of atmakur (m) at tadvai(m) in warangal district
Today we celebrate with Airbus and Qatar Airways as we recognize our talented employees," said Pilla.
John Pilla is senior vice president/general manager of Propulsion and Wing segments with responsibility for Propulsion, Aftermarket, Spirit Europe and Spirit Malaysia.
Evan Horowitz of Evan Horowitz Advising, Wendi Caplan-Carroll of Constant Contact, Michael Pilla of Pilla Creative Marketing, Petia Bradshaw of Marketing & Business Development Consultants, and Naini Nakagawa, Founder of www.
Pilla said that Joseph Smith, who stepped down as the Cleveland diocese's legal and financial secretary in February 2004, was one of his closest friends and advisers, and that he was stunned to learn of the alleged illegal payments.
Topics include gemology, the birth of mineralogical sciences, connections to Florentine artists, the Earth's history, and the work and ideas of those such as Gregory Watt, Giovan Battista Brocchi, Leopoldo Pilla, Ulisse Aldrovandi, Luigi Ferdinando Marsili, Mattia Damiani, Giovanni Arduino, and others.
Other speakers will include Chief Financial Officer Rick Schmidt, Chief Operating Officer Ron Brunton, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing David Walker, and 787 Vice President and General Manager John Pilla.