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For most of the women in this sample who had ever taken the pill, the doctor was the source of information about the pill (85% received counselling from their doctor).
Even as scientists fine-tune the emergency contraception pill, the misnomer attached to Yuzpe's discovery still stands as a classic in medical science.
For the pill, the most critical safety issue has been breast cancer,'' said Westhoff, who is also an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Columbia University School of Public Health.
Last March, just weeks before the 1999 annual meeting, the Chubb Board of Directors voted to redeem its poison pill, the 1989 Shareholder Rights Plan due to expire in June of 1999, and adopt a new Shareholder Rights Plan that expires in 2009.
1968 - Amid new evidence of increased incidence of blood clots among women on the Pill, the FDA added information to product labels.