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Synonyms for pilchard

small fatty fish usually canned


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small fishes found in great schools along coasts of Europe

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But if we fish one of the aforesaid pilchards out of a tin, wash off the ubiquitous tomato sauce and look closer, what we have is a large sardine.
Jane Hanson had to eat a tin if pilchards with chocolate, Mark Bythway tucked into strawberry yoghurt and ketchup, Gee Singh ate cream crackers and rice pudding while Michelle Emmerson put back some Slimfast mixed with Tuna.
"Fatty fishes include mackerel, salmon, fresh tuna but not canned, pilchards, and sardines.
A Salmon, sardines, mackerel, trout and pilchards all count as oily fish when they're canned and when they're fresh.
The pilchards come in special tins designed by Truro-based agency Creative Edge.
IN OCTOBER 1998, mass mortality of Australian pilchards began in South Australia and spread across the species range over a period of seven months.
Captain Mark Dillingham (727-389-2212) does well with freelined or corked pilchards, but he also keeps soft plastic jerkbaits on light jig heads, along with topwater walking baits handy for more targeted presentations.
Slapping down Stanley's complaints at being served pilchards for tea.
But with half of Britain's PS19billion annual food waste coming from our homes (and only a fraction from supermarkets) we'd actually do far more good by forgetting the petition and finishing that week-old tin of pilchards at the back of the fridge...
Ingredients: 2 egg yolks 250g beef dripping 300g flour (self-raising or wholemeal) Water to bind Optional ingredients: grated cheese, pilchards, blended liver Method: Mix egg yolks with softened dripping, add flour and mix together.
Go for oily fish such as salmon, fresh tuna, pilchards, sardines and mackerel at least once a week to help keep your arteries clear with a dose of omega 3.
So why don't tShey stop feeding me tinned pilchards? Dog next door eats tripe.
'Make a cup of cocoa if you like - bloody cocoa, after all that time in the desert - and there's a tin of pilchards in the larder if you feel peckish.
For more information on Princes' oil-rich fish, which includes salmon, sardines, kippers, herring, mackerel, pilchards, sild and brisling, visit www.princes.co.uk
Compact and cost-effective, the clarifier benefits from a fully integrated dewatering system, which ensures removal of large particles and solids from the company's 24/7 operation, in which it processes large volumes of mackerel, pilchards, cuttlefish and flatfish.