pigs' feet

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feet or knuckles of hogs used as food

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Later, walking down the street and eating pickled pigs feet, this
If it's pigs feet stew and game meat pies you're looking for, head to La Table Enchante, which the New York Times has called "Quebec-style fusion cooking that foodies will appreciate.
Thankfully, Mr Brown won't have to render down the pigs feet this week as he discusses the global food crisis at the G8 summit in Japan.
She said: ``You poor man, You must be in terrible pain, Pigs feet are a terrible curse.
Smoked pork hocks and pickled pigs feet are delicacies.
Fairway Market in Harlem is a multi-cultural mecca where you can get anything from pigs feet to caviar, and claims to have more than 40,000 customers a day.
We sell a lot of pigs feet in the old neighborhoods, but they aren't big sellers in suburban stores.