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an artificial language used for trade between speakers of different languages

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His recent pigeon English audition for the remake of 'Allo Allo' seemed appropriate from a delusional bird brain and Eammon Holmes has volunteered to be food taster for those applying to be fast food official partners.
Stephen Kelman's Pigeon English has also been included on the long-list for the prestigious Man Booker Prize.
It's like being on a permanent holiday, using sign language and pigeon English to communicate.
Some of the best food we have ever tasted and despite his pigeon English and our equally bad French, we managed to converse and enjoy great company.
Iam aware of the vastly multi-cultural society that we live in, but I was not aware of a language invented for every culture and all mixed into one based on bad pigeon English.
First we beat Langer,' said Seve memorably that day in his then pigeon English, 'then we go after Watson.
There's been a whisper for 11-2 chance Pigeon English - which I believe is the autobiography of David Beckham - but unfortunately, I couldn't understand it.
I began with Pigeon English with a few French words tossed in, but, by the end, had developed a distinct Yorkshire burr.