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a herder or swine


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MAN WITH A MESSAGE: Pig farmer Kevin Gilbert on his Aberdeenshire farm.
Even though pig farmers are happy with current prices, it's a huge threat looming over them,' he said.
Because a coefficient of a probit model cannot be interpreted by itself, the marginal effect is calculated to determine the impact of variables on the probability of the pig farmer accepting the bid offered to him/her.
Christine's colleagues were surprised when she decided to take on a second job as a pig farmer.
Mr Thomas asserted that, as a pig farmer, Billington had the means to dispose of a body and had used his brother-in-law's tipper truck - which has not been recovered - to transport the body from John Iveson Mr Done's farm in Sound back to North Wales.
Mr Doherty said British pig farmers were not able to compete on a level playing field with their European counterparts as the UK's higher pig welfare standards meant their costs were higher.
In the Netherlands and in France, the MRSA carriage rate is substantially higher for pig farmers and veterinarians than for the general population (11,15).
''It is the only case of pig farmers dying from pneumonia in the province recently.''
The pig farmer said: 'This has all come from the lips of Nat Fraser - his fingerprints are all over it.'
A pig farmer staged a benefits scam after getting thousands in compensation following the foot and mouth outbreak.
A PIG farmer is planning to travel the world at 15mph on a Coventry- made tractor.
It is being financed and produced by Senator Entertainment, the team responsible for the critically acclaimed Leon the Pig Farmer.
State officials, with one eye on North Carolina's tourist industry and another on the mining and hog farming lobbies (Governor Jim Hunt is the biggest recipient of political contributions from the state's largest pig farmer) refused to accept there was a problem, or to issue a health warning.
"It is important the support that has received the pig farmer sector, because in the last 8 years has received a little more than 500 billion pesos in credits, for its growth in production, resources that have also been invested in campaigns that seek to promote consumption in the country, "said Minister Zuluaga.
Yorkshire pig farmer John Rowbottom, a member of NPA's policy-making producer group, said, "If Brussels cannot police its own rules, then British pig farmers will have to do the job for them.