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Synonyms for pier

Synonyms for pier

a platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles

(architecture) a vertical supporting structure (as a portion of wall between two doors or windows)

a support for two adjacent bridge spans

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'This fellow fell off the pier, and a girl brought him in.'
Suppose you fell off a pier, and a girl took a great deal of trouble to get you to the shore, would you say, "Much obliged, but you needn't have been so officious.
Piers can usually be found on ITV in the morning, saying exactly what he thinks, no matter who he offends.
"Fouling on the piers will not be tolerated, and we are working with Northumbria Police Neighbourhood Team to monitor the situation and take action where appropriate."
Early photographs of pleasure piers show the decks thronged with people dressed in their finest, and indeed one of their primary functions was for promenading.
Once we took in a show at the pier theatre only to discover the following year that disaster had struck in the form of a storm surge causing irreversible damage to the pier, cutting off the pier theatre.
Cromer Pier in Norfolk even offers waves of nostalgia by staging a traditional end of the pier variety show.
Their studies, however, were limited to flexure dominated conventionally reinforced concrete bridge piers. Kulkarni and Karadi [12] analyzed the existing bridges using nonlinear pushover analysis through the SAP 2000.
In this research, the piers for two bridges including Motor Way Bridge on Kabul River and Khairabad Bridge on Indus River are modeled in the hydraulic laboratory of Civil Engineering Department, University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar and the scour depth is measured.
So where are the top fishing piers? Let's start at Deerfield Beach and then head south to Government Cut: Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier, Pompano Beach Fishing Pier, Anglin's Fishing Pier in Lauderdale-by the Sea, Dania Beach Pier, Newport Fishing Pier in Sunny Isles Beach and the South Point Fish Pier in South Pointe Park, Miami Beach.
However, piers remained an interest for fishing, as the splendid pier at Salburn and its trams is still a good fishing pier.
Simon believes strongly in the enduring appeal of piers. He said: "People love the sheer daring of piers, building a platform over the sea and braving the elements.
Some piers, while serving leisure activities, are functional rather than decorative.
The British journalist has threatened to do just that if he wins the huge sum in a new advert for Lotto's #pleasenotthem campaign, in which he outlines plans to build a family attraction called Piers' Pier.