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Synonyms for Pierce

Synonyms for Pierce

to penetrate with a sharp edge

to make a hole or other opening in

to pass into or through by overcoming resistance

Synonyms for Pierce

14th President of the United States (1804-1869)

cut or make a way through

move or affect (a person's emotions or bodily feelings) deeply or sharply

sound sharply or shrilly

Related Words

penetrate or cut through with a sharp instrument

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Pierce did everything he was told over the next three weeks of phone tag, except for comprehending that the 30-day deadline for denying paternity in writing was etched in federal law, regardless of what he discussed with Contra Costa employees--who he says never once told him the clock was ticking.
"I currently see Dallas, Orlando, Charlotte, Charleston and Atlanta as the most profitable markets," said Gregg Pierce. "These cities are gaining residents at a higher rate, they are gaining jobs almost twice as fast and they have a low cost of living index compared to most other cities in the U.S.
According to Justin Bealhen, vice president of Field Operations at United Heartland, Pierce was a key player in the company's Charlotte expansion efforts, assembling a business development team.
Six out of 10 firefighter deaths occur because of traffic accidents, not fires, so Pierce was the first manufacturer to install front air bags in fire trucks, and now also includes extra protection in case the truck rolls on its side.
After coaching in the US, ex-James Bond Pierce is in London to record for Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again with Abba star Benny Andersson, 70.
"They'll have a clear picture of who Bud Pierce is and what he stands for," he added.
Pierce held several jobs in the Philippines, including media coordinator and personnel assistant.
CCTV was played at Liverpool Crown Court which showed the moment Pierce stabbed Mr Grimmer, who fled clutching his stomach.
Widower Pierce sees Vanessa acting oddly when she looks at a photo on her phone of Kirin, whose crash caused his wife's death.
Nancy Pierce is suing the sellers of the horse, Burning Sands Stable LLC of Van Buren, and its principal, Dan Bearden of Fort Smith, for allegedly saying the horse was Arkansas-bred when it wasn't, according to her lawsuit filed in Crawford County Circuit Court.
The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly interested to re-sign veteran small forward Paul Pierce, when he becomes a free-agent this coming summer, general manager Billy King confirmed it in an interview on the "Joe and Evan" show on CBS Radio New York on Wednesday.
AFTER A LIFETIME LOVE OF DESIGNING, INTERIOR designer Pamela Pierce has moved to the publishing side, debuting Milieu magazine last month.
TEENAGER Jack Pierce goes into the final round of the UK Quad Championship next month knowing if he wins he will be crowned champion.
As a body piercer, you would pierce various parts of your clients' bodies with a needle or piercing gun, then insert different types of jewellery and metal as a form of decoration.