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In this article we discuss some of the key ethical challenges frequently faced by PICU practitioners in LMICs.
All patients aged one day to <14 years who underwent surgical repair and admitted to the PICU at our institution were included.
All hospitalizations occurring in SUS care network PICUs that were listed in the SIH databases in 2010 were included in the study regardless of age or any other characteristic.
Knowledge of parents' needs and their perceptions of care is necessary to improve quality of PICU care.
Hence, we conducted a study at the Department of Paediatrics, Government Medical College, Kozhikode, to assess the clinical profile and outcome of children treated with invasive mechanical ventilation in PICU. Government Medical College, Kozhikode is a premier teaching institute, located in the city of Kozhikode, Kerala and is a tertiary care referral centre with a well-equipped Paediatric intensive care unit.
It has been suggested that patients who have a long duration of PICU stay use a disproportionate amount of resources compared with SSPs.
A total of 262 patients were recruited in the 16 participating Spanish PICUs; 54.6% were male.
"When we looked at the patients we were transferring to the PICU, nothing else was happening to them--all they were getting was continuous albuterol once they got there," Dr.
The special also includes free pipette tips with select pipette purchases of the following: Sartorius Biohit Picus, Sartorius eLINE, 3 Sartorius Proline Plus, or 3 mLINE pipettes.
This audit was designed to generate outcome data regarding staff usage of the new checklist within a PICU environment.
The introduction of a new checklist-style nursing documentation tool in the PICU at a major metropolitan paediatric hospital in Australia provided an opportunity to assess the level of staff compliance with institutional documentation.
Biohit Picus has a light-weight design with electronic tip ejection to help protect users from repetitive strain injury.
While NPs have served in PICUs for years (Gaedeke & Blount, 1995; Martin, 1999; Teicher, Crawford, Williams, Nelson, & Andrews, 2001), many new programs have been implemented in the last decade to fill these gaps.