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a fence made of upright pickets


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Stereotypes aside, a picket fence can often be built for containing or excluding small mammals if built right.
This new construction home in Picket Fences features an open floor plan with the master bedroom on the main.
The other day, while I was out walking my dogs in our neighborhood, I went down a street I do not usually walk on and was surprised by a white picket fence I noticed around a nice apartment block.
CHARM, Picket fences add beauty to your home so once it's finished, sit back and admire all your hard work and enjoy a well-deserved cuppa.
He said his designers have capitalized on this setting, noting he will be constructing white picket fences, playgrounds and a pool as well as repairing the baseball field, repaving the tennis and basketball courts and undertaking other improvements to the parks, which are open to the public.
THOSE glamorous Desperate Housewives on Channel 4 have got millions tuning in each week to catch up on their sexy antics - and ogle their picture postcard neighbourhood of white picket fences, manicured lawns and delicately colourful wisteria.
His Adirondack lawn chair on view with its slatted back reminiscent of picket fences was designed as a cultural icon from America's past.
Birdbaths, picket fences, and stone walls enhance the garden paths, while a grand wooden trellis is designed to double as a summer haven and a succah (for Jewish ceremonial uses)," says Theo Kindermans, Geller DeVellis partner.
Those streets, have fewer walls and more hedges and picket fences, forming a much friendler frontier to private domain.
Lately the American Dream seems to resemble 40 acres of forest instead of white picket fences.
No wonder, then, that a place like home should be such a powerful image for us that so many of us find ourselves getting a bit weepy at reruns of "Little House on the Prairie" or moved by lace-curtain images of small-town America - picket fences and the corner drugstore.
Along with the ample breasts and parted butt cheeks, the gaping sphincters and vaginas, the little fleur-de-lis erections and the teardrops of cure scattered across this 13-years-worth of paintings, there also appeared picket fences, pilgrims in tall buckled hats, praying hands beside parted books, and quotes from the Constitution and the Gettysburg Address.
Remember the days of white picket fences, of socializing with your neighbors?