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a light truck with an open body and low sides and a tailboard


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"We bought the pick-up truck a few weeks ago and on Saturday morning I used that to go down to the tip.
And just to keep it in the family, younger brother Richard entered pick-up truck racing this season and ended the year with the Rockingham Rookie Championship.
Two more dealerships joined the parade, donating a Saturn and a Ford Ranger pick-up truck as drawing prizes among all students with perfect attendance at the 13 high schools.
Dear Editor, -I have just seen a pick-up truck belting down the M6 carrying a cement mixer and a giant flag of St George.
The 2004 Ford F150 pick-up truck also uses woodgrain, metallic, and geometric finishes on the center console.
MITSUBISHI has teamed up with Animal, the extreme sports gear manufacturer, for a third time to produce 1,100 special, top-of-the-range Animal versions of the L200 Double Cab pick-up truck priced from pounds 17,995.
The company has taken this step to have pick-up truck engineering located in Thailand.
If there is one type of vehicle which typifies the spirit of America, then it's got to be the pick-up truck.
A report issued by the Sharjah Police Operations room said a speeding tanker rammed into a bus carrying labourers and a small pick-up truck before veering off the road and smashing into nine stationary pick-ups waiting to refuel near a petrol station.
Mitsubishi Motors North America Incorporated (Mitsubishi North America), a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (Mitsubishi)(TYO: 7211), is ending its contract with Chrysler LLC (Chrysler), a United States-based automaker, to produce a midsize pick-up truck at the end of 2010.
But with light truck sales approaching half of the US market, Asian and European manufacturers are aggressively going after a larger piece of the pie, starting with that most American of open-road chariots: the full-size pick-up truck.
The company is adding the shift despite decline in industry sales, which is at its lowest since 1982, because the automaker is confident about the sales of the F-150 pick-up truck. The model currently has 35.4% market share for full-size pick-ups.
"The pick-up truck has been a constant," said Mr Michael Marsden, arts and sciences dean at Northern Michigan University.
within the framework of the kehop-4.1.0-15-2016-00046 project, 5 pieces of pick-up trucks (pick-ups) within the framework of the kehop-4.2.0-15-2016-00009 project are purchased under a sales contract.