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a heavy iron tool with a wooden handle and a curved head that is pointed on both ends


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All I could think of was to get Gary out with a pick axe handle.
From there, he raced to the Scotch Corner Services, near Darlington, and carrying the pick axe handle demanded cigarettes from Paul Noble, a shop assistant who was working alone.
She heard Evans, of Maesgwyn, Aberdare, threaten to stab Mr Griffiths, who was walking back and forth striking Evans' locked front gate with the pick axe handle.
A MAN has been charged with possessing an offensive weapon after he was spotted carrying a pick axe just yards from where the Queen was due to begin a walkabout, police said today.
Police said a 34-year-old has been charged with possessing an offensive weapon - a pick axe - in a public place and will appear at Huddersfield Magistrates' Court on June 1.
My grandfather graduated to hauling toxic chemicals in Delaware and, during the Depression, dug basements with a pick axe and shovel.
There was a slight collision, leaving the Corsa trapped against a fence, before two men wearing boiler suits and balaclavas jumped out of the Volvo armed with a baseball bat and pick axe handle and began smashing the Corsa's windows and windscreen.
Derek Townsend was standing over the boy and holding a table leg to fend off a threatening man wielding a pick axe.
Two men were caught on CCTV digging up a pavement with a pick axe in an apparent bid to get a compensation payment, a council claimed yesterday.
Two masked men armed with a pick axe, knife and hammer forced their way into the house at Kinelowen Street, Keady around 10pm on Friday.
In nine years with CHIP, Margulies has helped CHIP remain a pick axe in the fight for decent middle market housing that does not leave its owners or the city bankrupt.
You may need help, you'll certainly need strong tools - possibly a pick axe.
THE image of a man towering over an apparently lifeless body with a pick axe handle prompted a Google Street View user to contact police to report a murder.
The 20-year-old forced his way back into the family home at Grange Street, Consett, County Durham, late on Wednesday, March 26, brandishing a 2ftlong pick axe handle.
Jonathan Bowling, 22, shrugged as he was given life with at least 25 years for murdering Alan Greaves, 68, with a pick axe handle.