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a heavy iron tool with a wooden handle and a curved head that is pointed on both ends


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It may look bad, but I have an IRON-CLAD ALIBI: I was puppy-sitting and both Millie and Mabel can vouch for me dP Plus-I demolished @jimmykimmel's ai,w/ hydraulic-drill NOT a pick axe!
Russell, whose address was given a Sutherland Drive, also "conducted himself aggressively" by brandishing the pick axe handle repeatedly and "menacing" the man with it.
Mold Crown Court heard Pritchard had arrived at the house with another man, assaulted the bailiff and then began to count down as he held the pick axe handle over his head.
Martin, of no fixed abode, had been staying with a friend, Mr Hudson said, and saw the pick axe handle in the garden when he set off toward his mother's.
Derek Townsend was standing over the boy and holding a table leg to fend off a threatening man wielding a pick axe.
Two men were caught on CCTV digging up a pavement with a pick axe in an apparent bid to get a compensation payment, a council claimed yesterday.
Two masked men armed with a pick axe, knife and hammer forced their way into the house at Kinelowen Street, Keady around 10pm on Friday.
In nine years with CHIP, Margulies has helped CHIP remain a pick axe in the fight for decent middle market housing that does not leave its owners or the city bankrupt.
The first episode sees him trying to locate the true source of the Shannon before being put to work with pick axe in hand as he visits the Arigna Mines on the shores of Lough Allen.
Officers allegedly seized pick axe handles, a lock knife, hammer and crow bar.
Pranksters Dan Thompson, 56, and Gary Kerr, 31, set up a scene where one of them lay on the street playing dead while the other - Gary - stood over the "body" with a pick axe handle.
THE image of a man towering over an apparently lifeless body with a pick axe handle prompted a Google Street View user to contact police to report a murder.
The 20-year-old forced his way back into the family home at Grange Street, Consett, County Durham, late on Wednesday, March 26, brandishing a 2ftlong pick axe handle.
A MAN was shot in the back after arriving at next-door's gate armed with a pick axe handle to confront his teenage neighbour.