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the branch of chemistry dealing with the physical properties of chemical substances

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This research will help you relate the compositional and physico-chemical properties of apple films containing volatile plant antimicrobials to their use in foods.
For example, both stearic acid and isostearic acid have the same empirical formula and same molecular weight, but they have dissimilar physico-chemical properties.
Depending on the volume of the chemical to be produced, physico-chemical tests, as well as toxicological and eco-toxicological data could be required as part of the registration process.
To be more precise, the full physico-chemical behaviour of cocoa powders in water has never been well studied nor described and nowadays cocoa powder in water still sediments to the bottom.
The physico-chemical properties and especially the microencapsulating properties of whey proteins allow us to position these milk constituents as functional compounds in food and pharmaceutical value-added applications.
Neural network modeling of Vibrio fischeri toxicity data with structural physico-chemical parameters and molecular indicator variables, In: QSARs for Predicting Ecological Effects of Chemicals (Walker JD, ed).
However, here were some sharp falls, especially for the non-CNC (computer controlled) bending machines and physico-chemical machines which reflect large projects in the first quarter of 1998 which were not repeated.
As Consumidor demonstrates, vitality--political, philosophical, and esthetic--turns out to be a function of interacting with the world, rather than of isolated physico-chemical or high-flying poetic processes.
Except for flammability, says Solvay, all the relevant physico-chemical and environmental characteristics favor HFC-143 over other HFCs.
Chilworth) today announced that it now provides physico-chemical testing services for Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) to ensure accurate classification for transportation of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) in the European Union (EU).
25 MLD each based on Primary, Physico-Chemical, Biological (extended ASP), Tertiary Treatment and allied works on Turnkey Basis at Industrial Estate Bahadurgarh , Distt.
4 Global Biorefinery Market by Physico-chemical 07.
The first part of the volume covers contact interface conduction, including sources of resistance, physico-chemical changes accumulating over the use lifetime, corrosive damage, and contamination.
Engineers from food and agriculture and related biological fields survey the effects of selected food processing technologies on the physico-chemical properties of selected food products.
After storing the films at 5 C and 25 C, the researchers performed physico-chemical and antimicrobial assays on the films.