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Besides minimizing negative impact on physical properties, they provide a deep jet black, higher gloss, and minimal stress whitening compared with carbon blacks.
Determination of physical properties of seeds is essential for design of equipment for planting, harvesting, handling, conveying, drying, aeration, storing, and dehulling.
Food and agriculture engineers mostly from the Iberian Peninsula and Brazil describe current methods for characterizing and measuring the physical properties of food in such a manner that the food can be compared as commodities in the global market.
This study established the chemical and physical properties of chips and kraft pulps made from southern softwood thinnings and mature wood.
In this age of computer-aided modeling, the lack of reliable data on the physical properties of foods may limit the design of new food processes.
The physical properties of the pole (there are no universal standards for utility pole length, diameter, or strength),
The physical properties of emulsified asphalt demand that T use it within several hours of shipment; otherwise, it hardens and becomes useless.
It is recognized that physical properties as well as chemical composition and characteristics are important in food quality The chapters on chemical and physical properties are not intended as detailed references, but as a general introduction to the topics and techniques.
The contents of this book are Adhesion and Adhesives, an Introduction; Mechanical Properties of Materials as They Relate to Adhesives; Mechanical Tests of Adhesive Bond Performance; The Basics of Inter-molecular Forces and Surface Science; Basic Physical/Chemical Properties of Polymers; Relationship of Surface Science and Adhesion Science; Surface Preparation of Adherends for Adhesive Bonding; Chemistry and Physical Properties of Structural Adhesives; Chemistry and Physical Properties of Elastomer-Based Adhesives; Chemistry and Physical Properties of Thermoplastic, Pseudothermoplastic, and Other Adhesives; and A Basis for Adhesive Bond Design.
Pouliot was in Chelmsford, about 20 kilometres north of Sudbury, to tour the lithoprobe project which is providing an image of the physical properties of the Sudbury basin.
We hope this experiment will teach us more about the physical properties, such as strength and elasticity, of polymers," notes chemicst and principal investigator Debra L.
The Antistatics Database is divided into five sections: General information, Physical properties, Health and safety, Ecological properties, and Use & Performance.
They are expected to retain good physical properties at up to 450[degrees]F (232[degrees]C).
By attaining optimum cure, Schulman's proprietary Better Parts Faster (BPF) compounding technology is said to attain the best physical properties while shortening oven cycle times up to 25% and decreasing cooling times about 10% compared with conventional methods.
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