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the act of getting possession of something

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In conclusion, the fact that specific, and perhaps arbitrary, physical criteria able or disable priestly participation within the Sanctuary need not become the basis for an exclusive and discriminatory normate understanding of the characters in the Biblical narrative and the roles they play.
Serving and former soldiers started a petition claiming lives will be put at risk if women in combat roles do not need to meet the same physical criteria as men.
Rowland selects players based on physical criteria and being able to play the highspeed, powerful type of rugby he wants, we've got a good group of guys, and so far everyone has bought in really well in regard to the nature of the sessions and the fact that they are going to have to work hard.
Looking beyond the physical criteria (facial dysmorphology) and adhering to modern diagnostic criteria should help more doctors recognize the disorder, as well as increase public awareness of the signs and symptoms of FASD.
Then he investigates all the criteria of the personal identity and considers physical criteria.
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