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the department of local government that is responsible for managing the treatment of convicted offenders

the social control of offenders through a system of imprisonment and rehabilitation and probation and parole

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It is therefore ridiculous to suggest there is no difference between loving physical correction by a parent and a violent assault perpetrated by a stranger.
"If a child who is bullying is given a small amount of physical correction, they are experiencing in some way the pain they are inflicting.
Anne believes physical correction should be used sparingly, but once threatened has to be carried through.
First, the couple hoped to one day have children, and this "method" taught the dog nothing about interacting with someone who didn't have a leash and the strength to make a physical correction. In addition, the trainer repeatedly triggered a reaction from the dog.
First, you need to understand that shouting, stomping, and using physical corrections on the dog will only make matters worse.
"We see the results of two kinds of physical correction at the Bangor Project.
I've found one type of physical correction almost always works: picking your dog up off the ground and returning him to the spot where the infraction occurred.
First, by teaching the dog what the command means, then reinforcing it with a physical correction and ultimately with a collar correction.
A couple notes on step two: The later half of step two is a good time to replace your physical corrections with a collar, but only if your dog has been previously collar conditioned.
Many herding instructors use training techniques that include verbal and physical corrections. Yelling, hitting with hands and poles, and harsh physical handling have long played a role in some shepherds' training.
* Train teaching staff in the proper placement of hands when giving physical corrections, as well as in the use of appropriate language.
Yelling and screaming and physical corrections don't work with dogs like Marley because, to them, these behaviors just signal increasingly intense playful interactions.
Under the school task condition, mothers relied on nonverbal behaviors, primarily visual cues and physical corrections. The mothers also instructed their children in a "complementary" fashion, altering their general strategy according to the demand on the child.
Ian Dunbar's first-ever puppy-training classes at our shelter in Marin County, California, I was so sure that using physical corrections in training was the only way to go, that I dropped out of the class after just two sessions; I was convinced he was ruining my dog with training treats!
I've found that I use a few basic physical corrections over and over.
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