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the accumulation of molecules of a gas to form a thin film on the surface of a solid

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3 indicates that there is a physical adsorption on the surface with more than on layer, and adsorption energy does not change with the progress of adsorption in the same layer, and there is no interaction among adsorbed molecules [15].
The physical adsorption and tribochemistry reaction can take place when the steel balls are rubbing, so the contact temperature is raised and the copper oxide surface metal is softened or melted.
From figure 1, the immobilization time affects the total amount of lipase bound to mesoporous support for immobilization through physical adsorption while no significant difference observed for covalent method.
In the light of Langmuir isotherm it could be suggested a monolayer coverage of Ni(II) ions onto mycoadsorbents biomass through both chemisorption and physical adsorption (Table II).
Electric double-layer capacitors are capable of storing energy with physical adsorption of the ion on the surface of active carbon without using chemical reactions, which makes them devices that are not only able to semi-permanently repeat electrical charging and discharging in comparison with normal rechargeable batteries, but also able to be charged and discharged rapidly.
The E value gives information about the adsorption type, chemical ion exchange (E = 816 kJ/mol) or physical adsorption (E < 8 kJ/mol) [15, 16].
50 kJ moP1 indicating physical adsorption of MAMT on the aluminum alloy surface.
Depending on the nature of attractive forces existing between the adsorbate and adsorbent, adsorption can be classified as physical adsorption or chemical adsorption.
Thus, unlike activated carbon, carbon nanotubes do not provide non-specific physical adsorption as in Equation 2.
Although most studies have emphasised the importance of chemical bonding, some researchers indicated that physical adsorption (coating) was also important in the formation of organo-mineral complexes (Greenland 1971; Jardine et al.
The significant difference between values of inhibition efficiency of AZI extract obtained at 303K and 333K for especially the higher concentrations of the extract suggests that the mechanism of adsorption of the inhibitor on the zinc surface is by physical adsorption.
The physical adsorption of gases by nonporous solids: type II isotherm".
It appears that iodine adsorption on nylon is not a simple physical adsorption but a chemisorption.
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